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Attorney Frechette has been practicing law for over 16 years. The first 3 years as a personal injury attorney representing both plaintiffs and defendants in a general practice firm where he was also involved in DUI defense and appellate work.

Attorney Frechette then practiced in Vermont and New Hampshire focusing on DUI defense, civil rights actions, appellate work, plaintiff’s personal injury cases and contracts cases.

Attorney Frechette opened his own practice in Boulder, Colorado in 2005 at 6th Avenue and Canyon Boulevard directly across Canyon Boulevard from the Boulder County Justice Center and serves clients throughout Colorado. 
In 2011, Mr. Frechette expanded his practice with two offices, one in Nederland and the other in Boulder and continues to serve clients throughout Colorado. 

“I treat each and every client as the unique person he or she deserves to be treated – with respect, straight talk, and the understanding that his/her case is not just a file but represents an important interest of a human being which deserves hard work, creative thought, time and effort to ensure the best possible outcome for my client.

"I approach the practice of law from the practical and realistic perspective of my clients while maintaining the utmost respect for the rule of the law, the Constitution as well as for those who are privileged enough to administer these important institutions.

"In short, I take an old-school approach to the practice of law - because I love what I do, I can't help but practice law with passion and enthusiasm, with the big picture in sight while maintaining a close eye to detail - an old school approach to age old profession here in the 21st century."

       ~ Franz Frechette